About us

ZEITGEIST – for us more than a word

It all started with our personal passion for interiordesign of the 1950s-1970s. The timeless forms, which, 60 years ago, gave answers to the questions of modern urban life, have fascinated us quickly.

With our concept ZEITGEIST, we are pursuing the goal of an ever-growing community to offer design lovers a platform that can withstand an international comparison. We realized very quickly that there are no events in the Rhine-Main area, which in all facets meet our requirements.

Inspired by international exhibitions such as the “Les Puces du Design Paris” or the “Brussels Design Market”, we want to establish an internationally recognized market for design objects of the 20th century in Frankfurt am Main.

One aspect that makes us unique in the world of events is our approach to offer all interested parties the opportunity to understand why the design of this period has not lost its relevance and give an insight into the context of the time of its emergence. Therefore, lecture series, readings and information opportunities, supported by university lecturers, are a core element of what ZEITGEIST is – not just a sales platform, but to present the theme of design in a multi-faceted context.

With all its conceptual design, ZEITGEIST Vintage Furniture Market is an event for people who appreciate design, furniture, lighting and all that is part of your lifestyle … finally for people like ourselves!