THE FUTURE ROOM by Eda Tekirli

The architect Eda Tekirli (* 1992, Istanbul) designs for ZEITGEIST >Back to the Future< an utopia of living within the coordinates of THE FUTURE ROOM. What may living space of the future look like in an ever-changing present in which the change has become the norm?

Eda Tekirli is an artist/architect whose work is driven by her interest in exploring new possibilities of existence for the society and environment. The element of surprise followed by lack of complete control is her favorite outcome for her designs. She loves discovering new material qualities and inter-fusing them into the world. Declaring the banal her enemy, she finds her peace not always in the solution but many times in the utopian-ending up critique.

Her works span digital drawings and animation, sculpture, installation and painting. Her academic education started with art (Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore), continued with architecture (Plymouth, UK), and finished with a hybrid of both (Städelschule, Frankfurt). She is now working at the architecture department in ARUP, and previously she worked at Melike Altinisik Architects and Wenzel + Wenzel.