Hans & Hans

Driven by the enthusiasm for mid-century and Scandinavian-style designs, we carefully select our finds and accomplishments, prepare informative product lyrics and document the condition and color of the furniture with high-resolution images.

To carry our personal passion into an expanded space, we offer the well-kept jewelry from the period around the mid-20th century on our platform.

In addition to chairs, inspired by designs by Möller & Tapiovaara, sofas, armchairs & daybeds, influenced by designs by Grete Jalk and Hans J. Wegner, there are functional and decorative tables in a classic Danish design. Sideboards in the style of Arne Vodder and Henry W. Klein, as well as shelving systems from the era of Nisse Strinning and Poul Cadovius are also part of the rotating range. The objects and lighting categories are in keeping with high-quality products that are based on the design of Fog & Mørup or Hans Agne Jacobsen.


Hans & Hans – Classic Furnishings
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