Les Apaches

For the appropriate supporting program, we have found an optimal strategic partner with BORA INCI, the founder of LES APACHES DE FRANCFORT. The community he founded is explicitly concerned with the lifestyle of the years between 1950 and 1970 and covers the vintage themes of bikes, rock’n’roll, art & fashion.

His events are not only consistently high in visitor numbers, but also speak a nearly identical target group.

His gastronomic concept for this day included not only the appropriate food and drinks, but also a family-friendly childcare, the exhibition of timely authentic classic customer bikes and discreet, our procedures not disturbing live music of a renowned Frankfurt band.

As with all the events of LES APACHES DE FRANCFORT, part of the income will be donated to “HILFE FÜR KREBSKRANKE KINDER FRANKFURT E.V.” – Organisation helping cancer suffering children.