Hi, my name is Alex,

I design furniture, to manufacture in the joinery of my family. Of particular importance in my work are the manual processes that challenge and advance me and those I work with, the use of hand-picked sustainable woods and the creation of things that are beautiful and useful.

Mainly I use oak for my designs. It impresses with its longevity and lively grain. Since I use oak exclusively from German forest stands, a sustainable forestry process is guaranteed.

In addition, to deal with the raw material gently, I experiment with residual wood. These are, for example, pallets, which are disassembled and reassembled by gluing, in order to then be further processed. So I can freely try out forms, judge the results and experience additional unexpected creative stimulation.

An important building block in the production is the use of stencils. They enable high process reliability, rapid repeatability of work steps and we maintain contact with the actual craft. For the manufacture of the armchair a set of 21 templates is used.

The surface finish is made in hard wax oil from ecological production. It emphasizes the grain and protects the wood from everyday stress.

instagram: @lohora.de
+49 160 90664490
Frankfurt / M Germany