Objects by Markus F. Staab

Markus F. Staab
re-cycled, re-furbished, re-done

Furniture has been with us almost since the beginning of time. A piece of furniture not just for practical purposes, but as an expression of royalty, of religion, of hierarchy, of art. We examine the history of these unique objects which has served each one of us since childhood.
Through my work I transform furniture into a unique and individual object. Things that once were mass-produced and homogenous, become singular and unique: re-cycled, re-furbished, re-mixed, re-decorated and re-done.
I am particularly interested to give value and meaning to something that has been overlooked. To free the object from its traditional use and turn it into something special. Through this process the furniture that were once used on a daily basis, become a self-sufficient piece of art. Hereby I explore traditional historical objects that gain value by a mere change of perspective. It is these themes of pieces as sculptural objects and art as object of utility that I am particularly fascinated by.
It is the love for the daily things that we surround ourselves with, their unique shape and expression, that give me hope that not all is lost to pure consumerism and IKEAlisation.

born 1964 in Aschaffenburg, Germany
since 1986 active as a visual artist in sculpturing, painting & composing
since 1989 national and international exhibitions
since 2010 work with „re-cycled and found objects“