NONEON typografische_lichtobjekte

Starting point of Thiele’s work, which explores light and typography, color and word games in his objects, is the fascination for the classic neon sign. Thiele, who founded his NONEON studio in 2008 for typographic lighting objects, is not just a designer, he seeks, conserves, collects, documents and publishes.

The illuminated letters form an impressive archive of various combinations of colors and shapes and are at the same time remnants of bygone times: they combine design history, city history, consumer history and company history.

After all, some profane neon writing characterize the cityscape, the mood of a place more than one or the other attraction and is even more prominent at night, when everything else is in the dark.


NONEON typografische_lichtobjekte
Dipl. Des. Fabian Thiele
Schulstr. 14
60594 Frankfurt

Mobil: +49 (0)179 6904218